Making Form: Contemporary British Fine Metalwork is a digital interactive book (Currently available on iBooks for £4.99) that critically explores the revival of British fine metalwork by designer-makers since roughly the 1970s.  


The book features:

  • Roughly 70,000 words, including over 900 footnotes,

  • The text is set out in 8 chapters (1 Introduction, 2 Historical Background, 3 The Contemporary Revival, 4 Aesthetic and Cultural Currents, 5 Making Fine Metalwork, 6 Metals, 7 The product Range, 8 Conclusions)

  • Bibliography and glossary.

  • Richly illustrated, with 230 still and moving images

  • ISBN: 9781900813105


You can also download a PDF sample of the book here


Below are some examples of pages and metalwork featured in the book.